Mandala Stones Artist Wendy Barnes
Mandala Stones Artist Wendy Barnes

Mandala Stones Artist Wendy BarnesI come from a long line of painters, but it wasn’t until  I experienced tremendous personal loss that I feel like I found my painting niche’. For decades I have been canvas painting, doing illustrations, working in clay, jewelry, herbal wreaths and sculptures. I taught art in several of the Asheville schools. I have also worked in animal rescue for more than 30 years, and have taken in many “unadoptable”animals. Over the course of 4 years I lost 6 out of my 8 pets. Summer of 2016 was when 3 very beloved cats crossed over in the course of 3 months. This left me devastated (and in debt to my wonderful vets.) As I’ve always done, I painted beautiful memorial stones for each of them, but found myself wanting to paint more rocks even when the gravestones were finished. There was something healing in the process. Out of this, the mandala stones were born!

Moving here from the coast I have always collected unusual stones from all my many travels. I discovered that each stone has an energy and a story to tell. I generally hold a stone for a few minutes before I pick up a paintbrush, and then….it all starts with a dot in the center! The painting of these rocks has been a healing gift, and they seem to hold a sweet power that customers gravitate to! I still do large memorial stones for folks who have lost a kindred spirit, but the mandala stones (that are in the co-op gallery) are just  the product of my new found love! I hope they bring you joy too!

Blessed be,

Wendy Barnes

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