Tom Cornish

I was born and raised in Nebraska. Like most places people call home, the people are very kind and I grew up with a healthy appreciation for football and fine art.

My late twenties led me to Texas. During my 15 years there I began painting and drawing; forming lifelong friendships with many artists in the North Texas region.

In 2010 I moved to a remote area of North Eastern PA and discovered moving water!! My painting style changed quite bit. I began working in plenair, observing and studying elevation and more water. I am truly an experiential leaner and I’ve worked hard to get loose with my brush, conveying my love and appreciation for nature in my works.

I also began turning my ‘doodles’ into an art form around this time. All my pen drawings are freehand. I don’t use any measurement tools, protractors or pencil guidelines in my work. Pen to paper, making one small decision, and then receiving the quiet joy of repeating that step over and over.

I’ve recently arrive here in Asheville, NC. (Again, trees and moving water!) I’m looking forward exploring and capturing the beauty of Western North Carolina

Thank You for stopping in to see my work.
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