Tammy Adkins Artist Asheville Nature Art

Tammy Adkins Nature Artist Asheville NC

Tammy Adkins Artist Asheville

Tammy Adkins – One of a Kind Nature Inspired Art CreationsSacred Gifts of Earth and Spirit Tammy Adkins Artist

I reside in a nature filled surrounding in Mill Spring, NC. My life structure is very simple and I enjoy being among natural surroundings as it sets the stage for the inspiration for my work.

I work with the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, with minerals, crystals and Spirit to aid transformation to new patterns of being. My heart is fully immersed in my creative work and I am grateful for the integration it brings into my own being when working with nature and hearing its messages.

Utilizing natural and ethically harvested materials, I create art that express the beauty and essence in all things. I adore creating ritual & ceremonial pieces and pieces which reveal the wild, feral emanation within our beautiful dance of earthly life.

I am happy to accept custom orders and will do my best to create the sacred piece you have wanted to add to your ritual celebration. I like to remain open to creative flow, while also including the details of your commissioned request. All items are one of a kind, except for the herbal creations. I have never felt a need to exactly duplicate an item, as many of the works are created specifically for the one receiving them.

I am very grateful for the support of this work and to be able to create art from the beauty of nature with which we are intimately interconnected and interdependent.

Tammy Adkins, Artist

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