Ron Morecraft Photographer Digital Visual Artist

Ron Morecraft Photographer Digital Visual Artist

Ron Morecraft Photographer Digital Visual Artist

A graduate of the Newark School of Fine Arts in NJ, as well as the Academies of Fine Art in Milan and Rome, Ron Morecraft spent 30 years as a special effects photographer, including 19 years in Manhattan. Before the computer age. he specialized in special effects photography creating award winning photo illustrations for innumerable clients ranging from CBS to Revlon.

His interest in “making a picture, not taking a picture” led to his pioneering work in digital photography. Since moving to Asheville 14 years ago, he has dedicated his time to perfecting the marriage of digital painting and fine art photography. As this art form is becoming more and more mainstream, Ron stands out as a master of blending art and technology.

Ron’s work is in several local galleries and in private collections all over the US.

Artist Statement

“I am in love with color and light.  My work celebrates the joy of life and the beauty I see in everything.  I use whatever tools necessary to reveal the essence of the image, transforming the merely picturesque into my personal vision of the world.”

About the Pictures

Ron’s photos are the marriage of art, inspiration and technology.  Besides traditional photographic techniques, He creates many of his images by shooting through a WWII tank periscope prism.  This creates a dreamy, impressionistic effect.  Many of his images are also “digitally painted.”  Using a stylus, which is much like an electronic artist’s brush, Ron uses high end digital technology to paint from his photographs.

Ron’s images are limited edition giclees.  He uses archival inks, guaranteed to last up to two hundred years and high quality water color paper or canvas. Ron does each print individually on his wide format printer.

Phone: 828-515-0831