I was born an artist. Artistic expression nourishes my soul. And yet, I abandoned my art at the age of 12 after being publicly shamed by the nuns for what I chose to draw.

At the age of 70, I did what is called my “firewalk”. Overcoming a lifetime fear of public speaking, I performed in a local theater production. For 3 nights at the end of my solo, I proclaimed to a full house: “There is a lot more creativity waiting to express itself”. My beloved art was freed once again to take flight.

And has it ever. My art has a vibrant and creative life of its own. I continue to be amazed at the simple ideas that appear in the middle of the night, upon awakening or during a walk. They then dance from my pen to paper.

Watching others enjoy the beauty of each Pen and Colored Pencil creation of whimsy and tangles continues to feed my soul. I know that sharing my art with you is what I am being guided to do in this chapter of my life.


Michelle Marshall, Asheville NC