Kevin Wheeler Potter Asheville Aquarian Artifacts


Aquarian Artifacts is a humble pottery studio based in West Asheville, NC, featuring vessels made by local artist, Kevin Wheeler.

My aim in the creation of pottery is to be a part of as many aspects of the creative process as feasible. All of my pots have subtle variations in form, glazes are mixed from scratch, and the pottery is fired in a homemade kiln.

To me, the big picture of pottery is one that spans great passages of time. For this reason, the creation of pots is an very exciting venture. In a sense, each one is like a time capsule that can reflect so much depth about the society associated with the period.

The majority of my work is centered around small vessels destined to carry meaningful things. I make each pot with the thought that it is to be its owner’s companion — a keeper of teas, herbs, spices, and medicinals that are an integral part to one’s life.