Janice Lape Watercolor Artist Asheville NC


Janice Lape’ is not only an artist, but more accurately an expressionistic creator and beloved teacher. Though an artist many years, it was her recent studies that she began to explore her colorful, loose, flowing technique of watercolors – and with much success.

Janice has been awarded for her exceptional work in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. Additionally, she has shown in surrounding galleries including the Woolworth Walk in Asheville, Seven Sisters Gallery in Black Mountain and Doves Gallery in Murphy.

The contrast of light and dark values lend Janice’s work a bold appearance, comparatively in likeness to pioneering 1920’s watercolorist, Charles E. Burchfield. Her paintings have also caught the attention of the clientele who have commissioned Janice to produce paintings of their homes and gardens.

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach.” could not be further from the case of Janice Lape’. In addition to her masterful paintings, she has taught watercolor in Gainesville, FL and is currently offering Adult & Children’s Watercolor. Janice has a striking ability to put her students at ease while helping them develop an artistic perspective. Many have appreciatively commented that Janice’s classes have allowed them to view the world in a new way.