Janet Bray has been painting since her early twenties. A self-taught artist, Janet is inspired by the world around her. Natural themes make a persistent appearance in her works, especially animals, in particular parrots, which she has featured in more than three hundred pieces. Her own African Grey parrot, Ziggy, provides  inspiration that keeps her going back to seek the souls in the animals that inhabit her work. She is also driven by color and light, and her choice of subjects often reflects that drive.

Janet also derives significant pleasure from the connection with her grandmother, Eleanor, from whom her artistic abilities seem to have been passed. In her fourth decade, Eleanor dove into art herself, learning the media of ceramics, sculpting, carving, watercolors, oils, pencils, and just about any other medium that struck her fancy.

Similarly, Janet’s diverse interests and talents open up many different media. She is experienced in acrylics, watercolor, digital painting and drawing, but she has also dabbled in ceramics, water-soluble oils, pastels, scratchboard, and more.

When Eleanor developed Alzheimer’s disease in 2004,  her tools and books, filled with notations, letters, receipts, newspaper clippings, were bequeathed to Janet. This sentimental connection carries through strongly when Janet uses Eleanor’s brushes or tools to create a piece of art, tying them together through the generations.

Janet’s work can be viewed in person here at the Westside Artist Co-Op,  the Clarion Hotel on Biltmore Ave, and Abbington Green. Her work has shipped all over America, Denmark, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Mexico and are in the private collections of over 300 clients worldwide.  She accepts commissions, and prints are sometimes available of her work.
Please visit Janet’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more examples of her work and to connect with the community of patrons who appreciate her art.

Instagram: @brayjanet