Gary DeVore Art Sacred Geometry Asheville NC

Gary Devore Asheville Sacred GeometryI am an artist living and working in West Asheville, NC. My inspirations come from many sources. I especially enjoy painting portraits and I never tire of painting modified versions of works by Past Masters.

My current interest is in Sacred Geometry. If you were to pick up 5 different books on the subject, you would surely get 5 different stories. For me, Sacred Geometry is a graphic description of how The Great Architect created the Universe. It is about that magic moment when the Spirit merges into the Material world.  I am presently exploring the 5 Platonic Solids. They are considered to be the foundation for all material form.

The Sacred Geometry works were all created using a compass and straight edge.   The 2 dimensional surface has always been a gateway from the concept, (the spirit) into manifestation (the material).  The Platonic Solids are an ideal subject for this concept as they transform from a 2 dimensional pattern into the 3rd dimension in the mind of the viewer!

You can see my recent works at West Side Artist’s Co Op
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