Frank Connors Woodturning Art Asheville



Frank Connors Woodturning Art Asheville
I have been working with wood most of my life, eventually discovering woodturning in 1988, learning from a teacher-woodturner from Denmark.

The woods was my playground as a boy, then in 1969 I moved to the Maine woods where I built a cabin and lived for 25 years.

I now have a home and studio in West Asheville, NC.

The woods is where I find inspiration and my whole being, where I feel and absorb the life and wonder of the forest.

I use only wood that is on the ground, from storm blow downs, felled for safety, or even wood found while hiking or on a canoe trip.

The wood goes straight from my saw to the lathe, where I work slowly with gouges and chisels, letting the spirit of the wood emerge. Simple, classic shapes best let this natural beauty come forth.

The minimal finish, which is food safe, allows the warmth of the wood to be revealed.


Phone: (878) 450-9781